GoPro HERO 3 Meets the Subsea World

Reaching Ultra and Nate Melnik have teamed up once more to provide a firsthand experience of the offshore word, while giving an exclusive and intimate view of subsea operations as seen by a diver by way of the GoPro HERO 3 camera. Our previous post which featured the GoPro HERO 3 camera, largely captured topside operations, and it is here that we gave a sneak preview of the camera’s ability to be used in sea water, when it was momentarily deployed from the side of the vessel in to the sea. This post will expand on the aforementioned video, and, in turn, give a general audience a full “offshore experience” of three of the four offshore realms:  topsides, splash zone and subsea.

Context and Background

        It is worth noting that that these videos which provide this experience, are a result of work that was executed at the Marco Tension Leg Platform (TLP) which is (1):

"Installed in 1,311m (4,300 ft.) water depth in the Gulf of Mexico…The Marco Polo TLP has a displacement of approximately 27,400 short tons and a topside payload of 14,300 short tons. [When installed it held the distinction for] the largest single-lift deck installed offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. [And it equally] serves as the production hub platform at Green Canyon 608 in the Gulf of Mexico...The TLP is designed to process 120,000 barrels of oil per day and 400 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. The facilities were brought online in July 2004. The Marco Polo TLP project won [The] OTC.07 distinguished achievement award for organizations".

        Now that the context under which the work was performed has been presented, it is time to for the reader to ride along with Nate Melnik and experience the offshore world.

        This above video titled "Arriving on Location" captures the first part of any offshore project: travelling from land to location. And in this video the offshore crew depart to location by way of a helicopter. As the video progresses, the scenery quickly changes as the helicopter approaches the helipad while making first contact with the TLP. Once on the platform, the video gives the reader a view of the TLP as seen from the platform, right before switching to Melnik gearing up for a night time air dive. The video proceeds to show Melnik entering the subsea realm, where he then begins the arduous task of water blasting via underwater tooling

The second video, which can be found below, titled " Emerging from Operational Depth" begins with capturing with Melnik providing an intimate view of the platform from below the splash zone as fish circle the Melnik. This is greatly complimented and made possible by the visibility and the time of day at which diving took place. This video differs from the previous one, as it shows Melnik maneuvering and walking at fixed structure points below the platform, and more importantly the GoPro camera provides an external means of capturing the aforementioned. After said maneuvering is completed this video once more shows water blasting taking place. And once the underwater tasks the video depicts  Melnik's completing his dive and emerging topside, which, in turn, gives a panoramic topside to subsea view of operations at Marco Polo.