Launch: Reaching Ultra's Interactive Site

We are excited to announce the launch of Reaching Ultra’s interactive site. We have made major strides in exemplifying our Company’s Vision, by providing objective, informative, and technical assessments on highly complex technologies and methodologies, and the manner by which the aforementioned are synthesized in an offshore setting.  

                Such synthesis is tangibly represented via articles published in Offshore Magazine, Ocean News & Technology, Offshore Engineering, and Underwater Magazine. Furthermore, our intent is to continue publishing unique and previously unreleased material in industry respected publications. More importantly, Reaching Ultra’s interactive site will serve as an additional outlet in releasing unique content that contains an element of newness and informational exclusivity, to benefit existing and future members of the Oil and Gas community, who look to further understand the offshore world. 

Image Citation: (Front Page) Scott Crawford (Full Article) James Steid: Both images via Dreamstime