Conference and Market Presence

Offshore Technology Conference

Reaching Ultra is excited to announce to have been part of this year's Offshore Technology Conference,  via the article titled "Agnostic Valve Packs can Assure ROV Availability for Subsea Intervention"— displayed at PennWell's booth (Click here). This article was published in April, 2014, in Offshore Magazine  

        As the managing director of Reaching Ultra, having been part of this prestigious conference, is an important achievement for us, as it placed us in front of a global audience that have the same passion as Reaching Ultra does, for offshore technology. Additionally, OTC set a new attendance record with over 108,000 people attending, which enabled us extended our market reach.

Conference specifics: Held in Houston, Texas | Ran from May 5-8 (2014)


Underwater Intervention2 - Copy.jpg

Underwater Intervention Conference

We are equally excited to have been involved in this year's Underwater Intervention (UI) conference, as we were contacted to provide images—from our private library— for the presentation titled "Meeting the Connectorization needs of HD Cameras and other High Bandwidth Systems" (Click here): Ref. slides 9-10. The images provided were instrumental in showing the differences seen by a Remotely Operated Vehicle's (ROV) pilot, when utilizing a high-definition camera, and when not employing one, in a subsea environment.

        Additionally, Reaching Ultra was also involved in the conference via  the article titled "Flying Metal Frames"— which was made available to all attendees via Underwater Magazine. This article was published in January 2014. At Reaching Ultra we have an equal affinity for this conference due to its niche focus on technologies that are linked to the conference's name, and the caliber of the presentations that are given there. 

Conference specifics: Held in New Orleans, Louisiana | Ran from February 11-13 (2014)

Editor's Note: All copyrights of the aforementioned presentation are held by way of the account/company/entity who made said presentation available in the public domain via Slideshare. Reaching Ultra and said account/company/entity do not have a business association, relationship, or interest.