OnePetro: A Digital Gold Mine

As technological advancements continue to take place offshore—on a global scale—having access to papers that contain the data/information of such advancements is key on two fronts: Firstly, it allows one to stay abreast with cutting edge technologies as they develop. Secondly, from a research standpoint, accessing niche data is key when tasked with delivering a collegiate or client funded paper by way of a case study, decoding new technologies, analyzing market trends, etc.

                At Reaching Ultra we found that OnePetro is highly conducive to conducting the aforementioned. This is greatly due to OnePetro’s online database which contains a myriad of data from journals (pre 1940s); and conferences (pre 1900s). In regards to the latter, papers from the Coveted Offshore Technology (OTC) conference, whose papers have been of high benefit to our research efforts. Thus, the intent of this article is to provide a step by step breakdown on how to navigate via OnePetro’s digital gold mine, when working on collegiate and client paper’s.  

Getting Started

                The first step in obtaining a paper from OnePetro requires setting up an online account, which we have found to be straightforward, requiring inputting minimal personal information. Once this is completed, an email validating one’s registry is sent to the email address used to register an account—reference Figure 1.

Figure 1: (Left) Account sign up; (Right) Email verification of registration

                With this completed, browsing for a paper that support one’s research can begin, as shown in Figure 2. In our case, we looked up a recent rigless acid stimulation project that was carried out in Ghana, West Africa—as this was a first of a kind project carried out there. Additionally, the paper would be used continue compiling data on Rigless campaigns that have been carried out in in West Africa, apart from Ghana.

Figure 2: Inputting data in to search box to find paper of interest

                Finding the paper—detailing the particular’s on the Ghana project—was straight forward: we simply used the key words—Ghana and Rigless—which, in turn, took us directly to the paper (Said paper was presented at OTC Asia). Because OnePetro details—from a top level, the paper’s specifics: author(s), content, the year of presentation, etc., as shown in Figure 3—it streamlines finding the paper of interest. More importantly, it bypasses purchasing the incorrect paper, due to the top level information being available for one’s review. Another key feature of OnePetro prior to purchasing a paper, is the online peer review system that rates a paper based on its technical merit, readability, and applicability/insight—as is listed in Figure 3.  

Figure 3: (Left) Top level description of paper's specifics; (Right) Paper's abstract

Retrieval of Paper

                To retrieve the paper of interest requires adding it to one’s shopping cart, while remaining logged in to your account. After doing this, the following must be carried out: validating billing address, confirming order, and making payment. With payment finalized, the paper can now be “checked out” and downloaded via an external link that is sent to the email account associated with your OnePetro account. Additionally, a proof of sale (as listed in Figure 4) of a paper’s purchase is equally sent to one’s email account, which is of benefit for record keeping and reimbursement purposes. This is advantageous when working on a large project which requires downloading a multitude of papers for a client. It must be noted that the download link sent to one’s email is temporarily active. For this reason, it is important to promptly download it.

Figure 4: (Left) Pricing of paper for record keeping purposes; (Right) Download of paper

The Final Touch

                With the above complete, assembling a research paper, or expanding one’s familiarity with evolving technologies can begin, as the paper is now downloaded and saved on to one’s hard drive for a thorough analytic review. 

Editor's Note: Copyright wise, OnePetro is the proprietor of all images listed herein, along with information listed in said images. All images solely used for educational purposes, and to review OnePetro's digital database. Reaching Ultra and OnePetro have no business association, relationship, or interest.

Image Citation: (Front Page) Dana Rothstein via Dreamstime