Offshore: Is It Dusk or Is It Dawn

This is the second installment of our series dedicated to depicting the offshore landscape as seen through the view of offshore personnel while at sea. The previous post Offshore: The Coming Storm (Click here) illustrated the ever changing offshore landscape in the presence of anomalous weather. 

        This installment titled Offshore: Is It Dusk or Is It Dawn  captures the offshore landscape as the sun begins to hover over the horizon. Furthermore, this post aims to evoke a response from the reader, as the reader will have to decide if the images were taken as the sun began to set or rise (The below images do not have captions to explain or detail when they were taken). For this reason, we encourage all reader's to ask themselves "Is it dusk or is it dawn" as they view each particular image. 

Figure 1: Clouds in the distance block the sun from the camera's view.  

Figure 2: The sea is in an optimal condition, in comparison to the storm that is off in the horizon

Figure 3: The sea and sky mirror each other, with a consistent pattern from the horizon to the vessel from where the picture was taken

Figure 4: Clear skies give a full view of the offshore landscape, giving a clear view of the sun

Figure 5: In this image the sun is divided between the sky and sea. 

Figure 6: An additional view of clear skies, the bottom image shows the water shifting due to the vessel being in transit

Figure 7: The sun dramatically pierces through the clouds in the foreground

Figure 8: Both the sky and sea are highly pigmented. A topside structure can be seen in the distance

Citation for all Images: Toby Cooper