GoPro HERO 3 Meets the Offshore World

One of our primary goals when we founded Reaching Ultra was to provide a firsthand experience of the offshore landscape, as captured and viewed directly by offshore professionals. Furthermore, we strongly believed that this firsthand view was greatly missing, due to the fact that field personnel do not always have a platform to showcase their day to day activities in traditional mediums of communication: magazines, journals, conference proceedings, etc.

        Now that the GoPro HERO 3 has entered the offshore market, it has completely changed how this world is captured in first person by the personnel that keep the world turning at sea. We remember more than 10 years ago—before the GoPro Hero 3— when “clunky” digital cameras became a household item. In these days we were very excited  to take said cameras to job sites to complete our field reports, and to capture the offshore landscape during our downtime. And as the GoPro camera continues to gain traction, capturing the offshore realm will never be the same. This is due to the fact that you can now capture subsea, splash zone, and topside operations all in one tower. For this reason, we have teamed up with Nate Melnik to show exactly how the aforementioned is captured when using the GoPro kit. 

        This video makes no apologies for beginning with a piercing introduction that places the viewer in the middle of night time operations on a saturation vessel. In addition, the video illustrates how quickly the vessel's deck becomes inundated with waves that not only make direct contact with the deck crew, but also with the ancillary equipment; all while Melnik adapts to the situation. Furthermore, Melnik's feed equally captures him attempting to stand on solid ground, as the surrounding waves continue to crash on to the vessel's port and starboard side. In spite of this, operations continue as the deck crew presses forward with their preliminary rigging. 

        The video then switches to day time operations, showing the vessel being overtaken by the seas as it transverses over open water. Melnik's feed quickly switches to night time operations once more, but this time said operations are no longer captured from the vessel's deck, but, instead, they are captured  from above the vessel's crane. The result of this: a panoramic view of the dock in which the vessel is stationed. However, this view does not last long, as the video transitions to day time operations, where Melnik goes as far as to submerge his GoPro camera in to the sea that is crashing in to the vessels side, which, in turn, gives a stellar view of the splashzone. This video finalizes with Melnik standing back and giving a full view of the deck's layout.

        This video begins with the saturation bell for commercial diving, travelling through the vessel's moopool in to the sea. This scene is relatively calm in comparison to the next scene which shows Melnik having to quickly commandeer rigging operations, which requires placing a "D-Ring" on to the vessel's crane. The video once more switches, this time it details the landing of sea bed interfacing equipment in to its respective parking place on deck. Further proving how dynamic operations on a tending vessel can be, Melnik captures a fellow tender gearing down after completing an air dive. This experience, however, is momentarily lived as the video switches scenery, and proceeds to show the vessel's crew being transferred via a Billy Pugh to the vessel's back deck.

        Though this video can perhaps be viewed as being very fast paced, the truth is that offshore operations require a very diligent and fast paced attitude: both are conducive to quickly adapting to a dynamic offshore environment.

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