Offshore: The Coming Storm

As part of our commitment to providing a firsthand experience of the offshore world—we will be launching a series dedicated to depicting the offshore landscape as seen through the view of offshore personnel at sea.

                This particular series titled Offshore: The Coming Storm illustrates the dramatic changes that occur when a storm comes to life on the horizon, and the invisible line that is draws. A line that separates the landscape in two: the calm and favorable, from the volatile and unfavorable. And as all offshore personnel know, this is a line with high unpredictability and volatility, which in the process creates spectacular images. But one does not need to be a seasoned offshore worker to experience this, one must only scroll down to get an intimate view of the above mentioned. 


Figure 1: Drillship at sea as weather conditions begin to drift

Figure 2: Choppy waters, with clouds and rain creating a hazy sun


Figure 3: Clouds shape shifting as a storm develops

Figure 4: A storm on the horizon overtaking a clear sky

Figure 5: A work boat speeding away from ominous weather

Figure 6: A storm overtakes the horizon, as extended clouds cover the sun

Figure 7: Ominous clouds covering a calm pigmented sky

Figure 8: Sporadic and shifting clouds with accompanying rain

Citation for all Images: Toby Cooper